A different kind of agent

Hi Matt,
I met you at the BNI meetings about three years ago. I was always impressed by your positive attitude and demeanor. Time went by and I started seeing your presentations and began understanding that you were a different kind of agent in a positive way. Since then we had several interactions both personal and professional, and you always showed your integrity and professionalism.

A few months ago my son died in a tragic motorcycle accident and left a house as part of the estate. I did not hesitate for a second to call you with my predicament and knew that you were the man for the job. It made such a difference to work with you, your compassion and understanding of this difficult situation made it easier to deal with it. You were a friend, advisor, counselor…and of course a great real estate agent. Your expertise in marketing, pricing and approach to sell the property resulted in an immediate sale. Needless to say not having to pay this mortgage was a big burden taken off our shoulders.

Your response time amazed me, I started to think that you do not sleep when you answered emails in the middle of the night and in the wee hours of the morning. Your follow up was timely, your paperwork impeccable, your explanations clear and quick. I need to mention that over time I bought and sold personal and investment properties, in addition to being very involved in helping my son and daughter with their real estate purchases. In doing so I interacted with several agents and you were the best by far, no contest. Matt, I want to say once again “thank you” – on my behalf and Ruth’s as well it was great having you on our side. Feel free to use this email as a testament to your service at your discretion.”

— Ruth and Mario