Deadlines, Deals and Dedication

“My wife and I were first introduced to Matthew Harnick by a neighbor in March 2015. We were under a tight deadline for signing a lease on a new apartment in August and therefore had to sell the house quickly. We soon discovered that Matt was fervently dedicated to helping us sell our house, despite a number of setbacks we had with our home along the way. During our initial meeting, Matt provided several suggestions for improvements to our house that would provide the best marketability/sale price. He even helped us reduce our moving expenses by offering his own personal trailer to haul away any unwanted items and scrap material.

The house was listed at the end of June, and Matt held an open house in mid-July that generated an offer by the end of July. However, this offer was extremely low for the economics of our area, so Matt took the initiative to meet with the proposed buyer and explain the expected price range for similar homes in our neighborhood. This meeting led to a better offer from the buyer, but it was still too low. Matt advised us to leave the offer and move forward in pursuing other potential buyers. Over the next several weeks, the original buyer had reconsidered and presented a third offer, which was within striking distance of the asking price. At that point, we counter-offered and placed certain restrictions in the agreement of sale.

We then reached a point, unexpectedly, where the buyer was ready to revoke the agreement over some inspection items. Thinking quickly, Matt worked with the other agent to quickly negotiate a supplemental addendum, allowing us to pay for certain repairs, which was enough to convince the buyer to move forward with the deal. We settled only 81 days after listing the house and just 5½ weeks after the offer was accepted.

Although we only received one offer, Matt was able to work effectively with the buyer’s agent to generate a higher, acceptable price. His knowledge of the local market, professionalism and follow-through on commitments were invaluable attributes in selling our house. Matt personifies the expression “above and beyond the call of duty,” and we can honestly say that Matt was the agent possessing the right set of interpersonal skills to navigate our transaction.

I was so impressed with Matt that I recommended him to the office administrator at my accounting firm. Because of Matt’s efforts, she had an outstanding experience in buying her first house. If we ever decide to purchase another house, Matt will definitely be getting our business. For my wife and me, Matt is not only an exceptional real estate agent; he is also a trusted friend!”

— Sandra and David