Heartfelt gratitude

“I am sending this letter to you to compliment you and your organization relative to two recent real estate sales completed in my behalf. I enlisted Keller Williams real estate agent Matt Harnick to sell my childhood residence shortly after my father’s death in 2010. My family had lived at 947 Providence Rd., Springfield, Pa. from 1951 onward, and in 2010 my 94 year old father still resided there. After his passing, I became executor of his estate with the responsibility to sell the house, and had no idea how to proceed.

After contacting Mr. Harnick I was delighted with his enthusiasm, energy, and expertise in directing the selling process. He advised me in preparing the property for sale, helped me obtain qualified and trustworthy people to complete the work, and the house was put on the market January 15,2010. He was diligent in pursuing all leads, keeping me informed, and generating interest in the property with other brokers, as well as visiting the neighbors to enlist their interest. So….by March 8,2010 I had an offer at my asking price and settlement was completed successfully April 29,2010. AMAZING, in this market, at that time of year.

When I made the decision to sell my personal residence in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia naturally I called upon Matt Harnick again. Again Matt advised, prepared, and managed ALL aspects of the selling project. He prepared photos, a video tour, and a web site of the house for potential buyers. He organized Open House visits for brokers and potential buyers on separate occasions, again informed my neighbors, and shared his energy and enthusiasm with my wife and myself.

No surprise…the house was put on the market May 13,2011 and we had a solid offer June 27th!!! Settlement was completed August 23, 2011 with NO DIFFICULTY WHATSOEVER!! Again AMAZING beyond belief!! I cannot say enough great things about Matt Harnick. He is a talented, engaged, enthusiast ic professional who dedicates himself to his job and especially his clients. He is an asset to you and your organization, and deserves ALL of the credit for completing these two sales in record setting time WITHOUT ANY errors or delays!!!

My best regards and heartfelt gratitude.” – Dr. Leonard Bruno

— Dr. Leonard