Major Decisions in Life

“About 8 weeks ago, I had to make a very agonizing decision: which realtor company and more importantly which realtor do I use to sell my home of 10 years. I had been through the entire process in the past and majorly regretting having to go through it again. I interviewed many companies and was extremely disappointed. I was turned off by their aggressive tactics just to make their commission as well their insincere interests to my needs and what my home represented to me and my family, just to name a few reasons. That all changed when I met Matt Harnick from Keller Williams.

Immediately from the start, I knew that he would be the one assisting me in selling my home. He was personable, easy to talk to, courteous and very responsive to my needs. He was honest and very tactful. He was the exact opposite of all the other realtors that I had interviewed. My decision was incredibly easy once I had met Matt. As the process of selling my house progressed, my decision of using Matt became even more reinforced. He was prompt; always made his deadlines, and kept me constantly in the loop via texts, phone call, emails and personal meetings. On numerous occasions, I texted and emailed him very late at night and always received an instant reply. His effective communication skills made the negotiations between all the parties very simple. In fact my home sold in just one day and we received the full asking price. I give Matt a lot of credit for these facts because he was familiar with my area, priced the house accurately and honestly is great at his profession. Simply put he took a very complicated and emotional situation (of selling my home) and made the entire process from start to close very smooth and non-stressful.

My relationship with Matt did not stop with the selling of my home. I also used Matt to purchase my next home. This too went smoothly. He located a house in a beautiful and safe neighborhood. Negotiations for this property went very easily. He ensured all the inspections were performed in a timely manner and again kept me apprised of all details. Six weeks later, I am moved in and starting a new beginning with my family.

In sum, as I look back on all my major decisions in life, I can confidently state that using Matt to sell my home and purchase a new home was one I will never regret. He is genuinely a wonderful person and I now consider him a family friend. If you should need to contact me regarding my experiences with Matt and/or Keller Williams, please call me.

— Sean